Holistic Management Textbook (Book)

Holistic Management Textbook (Book)

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Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment

Fossil fuels and livestock grazing are often targeted as major culprits behind climate change and desertification. But Allan Savory, cofounder of the Savory Institute, begs to differ. The bigger problem, he warns, is our mismanagement of resources. Livestock grazing is not the problem; it’s how we graze livestock. 

Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment outlines Savory's paradigm-changing vision for reversing desertification, stemming the loss of biodiversity, eliminating fundamental causes of human impoverishment throughout the world, and climate change. The long-anticipated new edition is written for new generations of ranchers, farmers, eco and social entrepreneurs, and development professionals working to address global environmental and social degradation. 

An introduction to Holistic Management

Holistic Management is a systems-thinking approach for managing resources developed by Savory decades ago after observing the devastation of desertification in his native Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Properly managed livestock are key to restoring the world’s grassland soils, the major sink for atmospheric carbon, and minimizing the most damaging impacts on humans and the natural world.


Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restoring Our Environment is a must-have for anyone managing land; you'll gain a valuable perspective on your ability to have a real, lasting impact on our planet for generations to come. 

The Holistic Management textbook is used in conjunction with the Foundations Online Courses, you can purchase access to those courses HERE.

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Donna Wild

This is the Future

Indepth, insightful and inspiring. This is the past and it is the future of land care.

John P.
United States

Holistic Management

I just finished reading Holistic Management by Allan Savory. I must confess that I found the first part of the book slow going because it deals with abstractions about coming to grips with the holistic context in which decisions are to be made. I was expecting that the book would focus more on case studies in which Saovory’s insight into using animals to heal the soil were showcased. Having read the whole book I am impressed with the fact that Savory does not rest on his laurels but instead makes an effort to invent a management framework that (among other things) will allow others to adapt his insights into a variety of different circumstances. I know that if I had had his insights I would not have done much more than promote the success stories associated with this new land management. The problem of trying to manage a complex ecosystem that we understand only a fraction of is a challenge that Savory confronts in an interesting way. I have no experience in managing complex systems so I can’t speak with authority as to the efficacy of his step by step outline of managerial and conceptual ideas but they are compelling to me. God how I wish that people of his caliber were leading us instead of the showboating pinheads that we are plagued with.

Shannon P.
United States

Great insight.

I do hope that we can all spread the word and help the public understand this important principle. Holistic management and regenerative agriculture is clearly the only way to a sustainable future!