The Foundations of Holistic Management

To start you off on the road to managing holistically we have created five online, multi-media, and self-paced courses that will provide you with the solid foundation to excel in our face-to-face workshops in the future or deepen your understanding of Holistic Management if you have already taken these courses in the past.

The online courses include the first three of six units (the remaining units are currently taught through face-to-face, hands-on workshops.  The online units and associated courses are:
Unit One -
  • Course One: The Foundation of Holistic Management
Unit Two - Nurturing Our Planet
  • Course Two: The Ecosystem Processes that Sustain Us
  • Course Three: Tools to Manage the Ecosystem Processes
Unit Three - New Framework for Decision Making
  • Course Four: Defining the Whole Under Management and Creating Your Holistic Context
  • Course Five: Testing and Monitoring Decisions
These foundational courses will prepare you for taking our face-to-face workshops where you will have the opportunity to learn the skills to master the implementation of the processes unique to Holistic Management:
  • Building Wealth Through Holistic Financial Planning
  • Holistic Planned Grazing
  • Holistic Land Planning
  • Holistic Ecological Monitoring

For Frequently Asked Questions about Courses, please go here: 

We require pre-requisites. In order to take Course #3, for example, you will need to complete Course #1, and 2. You can buy them individually, or in a bundle.

The textbook, Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment, is used in conjunction with the online courses.  Order your copy HERE.