Holistic Management Handbook (Book)
Holistic Management Handbook (Book)
Holistic Management Handbook (Book)
Holistic Management Handbook (Book)
Holistic Management Handbook (Book)
Holistic Management Handbook (Book)

Holistic Management Handbook (Book)

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by Jody Butterfield, Samuel Bingham, and Allan Savory

An essential companion for any land manager

This book is designed as a practical companion for people who actually manage land and any others who want to know what responsibility for land really means. The Holistic Management Handbook covers the planning and monitoring procedures land managers need to master: Holistic Financial Planning, Holistic Planned Grazing, Holistic Ecological Monitoring and Holistic Land Planning. Each chapter starts with a review of basic concepts and technique and then takes you through the step-by-step procedure for getting your plan down on paper, monitoring it, adjusting it; or, in the case of ecological monitoring, recording changes on the land and interpreting your results.

Applying theory into practice

While Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment by Allan Savory with Jody Butterfield attempts to clear the view from theory toward practice, this handbook looks the other way—from practice toward theory. In fact, however, both the theory and the practice evolved together and are still evolving, and you, too, should cut away at the thicket in your mind from both sides. The two books cover much of the same ground but from different perspectives. You need both.

"This handbook is an essential companion to the third edition of the Holistic Management textbook for those seeking to manage lands holistically. The latter explains the “why;” the former the “how.” First-time students and experienced practitioners alike can apply its principles to improve their profitability, quality of life, and resource base resilience. Our trainees have used both volumes since 1994, and we enthusiastically welcome this new edition." 

—Brian Marshall, Savory Accredited Field Professional (Australia)

Don’t risk resources on the information in this book without reading the textbook, and don’t manage your operation from the advice in the textbook without mastering the details explained here.

What others are saying about the Holistic Management Handbook:

"Holistic Management is the most effective management tool for complex systems ever invented. The detailed information packed into this handbook gives farmers, ranchers, and land managers the methods necessary to truly transform their land, life, and finances."

—Spencer Smith, Savory Hub Leader and Accredited Field Professional (California), Jefferson Center for Holistic Management 


"This new edition of Holistic Management Handbook adds depth and detail for land managers who want to broaden their knowledge and expand their toolbox for regenerating land."

—Matt R. Raven, PhD, Hub Leader and Accredited Professional (Michigan) 


"Wherever you are in the world, if you were inspired by the Holistic Management textbook to commit to the regenerative agriculture movement, use this handbook to put the ideas into action."

—Pablo Borelli, Hub Leader and Accredited Field Professional (Argentina), Ovis XXI

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Stephen S.
United States

Excellent Reference for Livestock Owners

Very good primer for livestock owners who wish to understand the relationships between ranch fiscal health, family lifestyle requirements, and proper grazing management to conserve and improve grass, soil and water resources and react to natural pressures such as draught. The approach is holistic, meaning that it takes into account the entire ranch operation as a whole, and does not exploit or favor one component of the operation over all the other components of the operation. Of greatest value to me is being able to fully integrate social, financial, animal, land, soil, water, and weather aspects of our chosen occupation to make a good plan, wise choices, and good decisions as things change.

Terry O.

Well worth the read for anyone managing land!

I haven’t finished the book yet, but it has been very insightful and a pleasure to read so far! The material is laid out very logically and leads the reader very well through the principles and how to apply them. What I find most appealing as a student and professional in natural resource management, is how everything just makes sense once things are examined holistically.

Jared R.
United States United States

How-to Wisdom

A very wisdom-dense handbook. It complements the textbook nicely. It will be referred to often!