Monthly Subscription -- Land and Data Management




Core Features:

  • 24 hour availability - reliable access to mapping and data management tools
  • Secure data storage - protect your private information
  • Multilingual - offered in 11 different languages

Organizational Management:

  • Use Holistic Management Decision-making framework
  • Record your individual Whole Under Management and Holistic Context.
  • Test and record your decisions

Land Management:  

  • Map your existing landbase using standard GIS tools
  • Create multiple grazing areas within your landbase
  • Upload Google Map files
  • Store multiple season plans
  • Access supplemental educational and supporting materials
  • Quick Zoom based upon GPS or address
  • Measurement and Query Tools

Data Management:

  • Record production and monitoring date
  • Store land, plant, and animal images
  • Generate detailed reports including graphs


  • Proactive management
  • Increased understanding of land and livestock performance
  • Convenient accessing of data
  • Personalized reporting of data and trends
  • Integrated platform for triple bottom line decision-making
  • Free webinars to assist in the use of the platform