We are excited to announce the Allan Savory Webinar Summer Series:


These live webinar sessions will be hosted in an intimate setting and provide attendees with the opportunity to engage with Allan through questions, conversation, and even debate regarding various topics through three separate seminars.  

  • Each webinar will be a live session; unscripted and unrehearsed. 
  • There are only 50 reservations available to this exclusive event! 
Listen to Allan Savory's plea to join him during this webinar series:
The webinar topics will draw from Allan's life experiences.  First, as a young game rancher, striving to save the elephants in Africa; next as a politician and member of parliament; and finally after working with thousands of ranchers throughout the world and seeing firsthand the effects of climate change.  Through these unique and often challenging circumstances, Allan developed a passion and intrigue in finding solutions to some of the world's biggest issues we are seeing today.  Current challenges in governance, climate change and with some of our most beloved wildlife creatures has prompted Allan to reach out through this series.
As Allan Savory moves away from daily implementation on the ground to working to inspire and engage others, he desires to share these insights with all of you - you who are interested in making a difference in these spaces, at a time when we are all called to share our skills, observations and knowledge to change the world.  
  • Secure your reservation and join one of the greatest thinkers of our lifetime on the days listed below:
      • July 7th @ 10am MDT &  7pm MDT   - Saving Wildlife
"No amount of stronger laws and enforcement will save wildlife as long as policies of governments and large environmental organizations continue to be reductionist. Once such policies are developed holistically, poachers will be the endangered species."
-Allan Savory
      • July 14th @ 10am MDT &  7pm MDT - Governance & Policy
"The main role of government is forming policies, and until all people feel secure and well governed, none are. This ideal will not be achieved till governments develop policies using a national holistic context in place of the universal context for all policy objectives today, which is the problem being addressed."
-Allan Savory

      • July 21st @ 10am MDT & 7pm  MDT - Climate Change
"Climate change is not due only to fossil fuels but also due to agriculture, and of the two agriculture is a far greater threat to the survival of civilization as we know it."
-Allan Savory

***Only 50 Reservations Available!***