Three Course Bundle - "Earth Champion"

We have a new curriculum bundle for people who might be removed from day-to-day land management but who still want a better understanding of what holistic management is and how it can affect key environmental issues.

These 3 courses focus on concepts such as how to read the land and how it's been managed previously, how the type of environment influences the efficacy of various management tools, and understanding the ecosystem processes so we can utilize the resources we have at our disposal to enhance overall ecological health.

If you’re ready to be a more active participant in your success, to choose to access the tools that address root causes rather than to continually chase symptoms, consider buying all 3 courses now at this special bundle discount to kickstart your learning and success! 

These are also ideal courses for individuals working at conservation organizations. 

 Here are the three courses that come in the bundle:

  • Online Course 1: The Roadmap to Managing Holistically: The Foundation of Holistic Management
  • Online Course 2: Nurturing Our Planet: The Ecosystem Processes that Sustain Us
  • Online Course 3: Nurturing Our Planet: Tools to Manage the Ecosystem Processes

The textbook, Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment, is used in conjunction with the online courses.  Order your copy HERE.