Holistic Financial Planning Course E-Book Bundle: Unit 4 (2 Ebooks)


Holistic Financial Planning Course E-Book Bundle: Unit 4  (2 Ebooks)
  • E-book six – The Fundamentals of Holistic Financial Planning
  • E-book seven - Creating Your Holistic Financial Plan

*We’re now offering the ebooks in iBooks format as well as print format.  iBooks format is superior for reading ebooks on a tablet computer. Because the layout is “fixed” you cannot highlight text, but you can now:

  • Search
  • Bring up the Table of Contents with hot links to a given page
  • Bookmark pages
  • Consult the dictionary
  • Scan page thumbnails to quickly navigate into your ebook

Note:  Until it’s possible to highlight ebooks in this format, you can bookmark pages and make notes in Evernote, or Notebook, or whatever app you have for note taking.

Other formats:  It is possible to convert iBooks to Kindle formats, though the process can be cumbersome.  Google the possibilities specific to your device and software version.